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10 Most Common Security Attacks

10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

It is paramount to know that blogging requires way more than just coming up with content. To maintain the accuracy and safety of its security aspects is also a great need for any blogger to focus their attention on. If you treat your blog like your own home, you surely do not want anyone to just get in and steal what is inside it. The same goes to owning your blog.

Fortunately, this infographic shows you the most typical attacks on security that any WordPress blog user may encounter – from versions that are not updated, sensitivities in plugins and themes, shaky passwords, malicious redirect links, and a lot more. No matter how amazing your blog looks and how interesting the content, once its security is put at risk, you can consider yourself in big trouble.

It is not surprising for any WordPress blog to suffer from such due to its rising popularity as an open source software. However, you can be assured that they have a reliable team behind who works hard on the constant discovery of any glitch, bugs, and risks that may put people’s blogs at risk.

Another important thing to note that as the online world grows, the rate of cyber crimes is also on the rise. In fact, many criminals become more active online compared to the ones in the real world.

In the infographic below, you will be guided with 10 common security threats that you can avoid if you are a WordPress blog owner.