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Stefan Graf Lighting Design Consulting

Stefan Graf Lighting Design Consulting

Just recently a client of many years sold one of his Lighting Design companies and opened a new one Stefan Graf Lighting Design Consulting at . Stefan is well know in the industry with many awards to his credit. I have to admit that I did not design the site which is very well done. I do however help with updates and maintenance

Project Planning to optimize visual performance

If you are planning a project I don’t think you could find a better person to advise you.I would not endorse someone if I wasn’t sure thy deserved it.e Check out his website to see all the services he offers as well as some examples of his experience and projects he has been involved with.

Technologies and methods are evolving at a very fast pace. The recommended practices that are published by lighting societies are often many years old by the time the publication is released. One of Stefan’s role’s is to bring to your team the latest and best ideas from international lighting conferences: International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) annual conference;  Professional Lighting Designers (PLDC) Conference in the EU; Illuminating Engineering Society (IES);  Lightfair International (LFI) and the LED’s Specifier Conference.

Consider having Stefan in during the initial concepts phase of your projects to help you get all of the best ideas out on the table.Stefan is proud to be recognized as one of the world’s lighting innovators introducing award winning solutions to many projects that he has worked on.

Illuminart, the company formed in 1986 has joined the team of PBA / Peter Basso Associates  in Troy MI as an independent division of this large, successful MEP engineering firm. SGLD Consulting is established so it may continue providing services as a subcontractor on special projects with PBA and with other, select clients.

What do you need from your website?

  • There are many reasons for needing a website and you should put some thought into what your goal is. Doing that one thing can save you many hours of frustration.
  • Do you need to market a product or brand?
  • A website is always available even when you aren’t. Never sleeps, never asks for a raise, doesn’t get sick or go home early so let your website sell your product 24/7
  • People tend to ask what your website is so they can check you out. Many times if you don’t have one they will opt for your competitor who does.
  • When you are looking for something where do you look? Probably most of us will say we “google it”. Without a website they will never find you!
  • You need to tell people a few things about yourself with your website.
    1. You are reputable.
    2. You understand their needs.
    3. You are big enough to do the job yet you still care.