Replace Laptop Screen

A few days ago something fell on my laptop. When I turned it on there were some lines in it, I could see most of it but some areas I couldn’t make out. I could still use it but certain things I had to guess at. Now I don’t like doing repairs on laptops because everything is small so I was just going to buy a new one. I usually look on Amazon so I went there from my sons store at OverHome Marketplace , the cost is the same so I figured I’d let someone get a commission for it. A low end Laptop was about $350.00 and it was a smaller screen than mine so I did a search for a replacement screen for mine and it was only $69.87 so I took a chance and ordered it.

I figured I should read up on it or watch a video or something and found a site that gave pretty good directions on it at . Took me maybe an hour, the main problems I had were plugging the cables back in because I had trouble seeing them (they are small and the pins are even smaller). I did manage it and tested everything out and the camera and microphone works, display looks better than it did when the machine was new.