What do you need from your website?

  • There are many reasons for needing a website and you should put some thought into what your goal is. Doing that one thing can save you many hours of frustration.
  • Do you need to market a product or brand?
  • A website is always available even when you aren’t. Never sleeps, never asks for a raise, doesn’t get sick or go home early so let your website sell your product 24/7
  • People tend to ask what your website is so they can check you out. Many times if you don’t have one they will opt for your competitor who does.
  • When you are looking for something where do you look? Probably most of us will say we “google it”. Without a website they will never find you!
  • You need to tell people a few things about yourself with your website.
    1. You are reputable.
    2. You understand their needs.
    3. You are big enough to do the job yet you still care.

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